Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mixed Foreclosure Trends

July 2012 California Foreclosure Sales were up 10.4 percent over last month, while still down 41.7 percent vs. July 2011. California Notice of Defaults were basically flat showing an increase of 1.4 percent vs. June 2011, and a 12.3 percent increase vs. July 2011. In Arizona, July 2012 Foreclosure Filings were down 29.2 percent vs. June 2012 and down 28.2 percent vs. June 2011. Arizona Foreclosure Sales saw an increase of 27.5 percent vs. June 2012, and a decrease of 41.7 percent vs. 2011. It is normal to see monthly fluctuations in both directions on a month-to-month basis, thus it is critical to look at the monthly trends over time to get a clear picture of the Foreclosure marketplace. For more information on Foreclosure Trends and a Free Foreclosure Report, email your request to or visit my website here.